At the boundaries of orchestral jazz.

Orchid Big Band is the missing link between Thad Jones and Stravinsky. Led by Thomas Julienne, this young, gender-balanced ensemble brings together eighteen passionate musicians who thrive on group playing and original music. Drawing from the sources of jazz big bands from the golden era, as well as European classical and world music influences, this ensemble from the Déluge Collective defies norms and aesthetics to offer a fearless reinterpretation of the large jazz ensemble.

Debut album now available

To record «Eclosion», the Orchid took up residence at La Briche
studios in the Touraine countryside. An enchanting place, nestled
in the heart of nature a few kilometers from Tours, teepee and
farmyard included. Led by Thomas Julienne, the band took advantage
of this ideal setting to record the eleven tracks on the disc,
written by six musicians from the orchestra. A program
with varied aesthetics, sometimes introspective, dancing or
even downright epic. All the energy and madness of Orchid in an
hour of music. Between a crossing of the desert, an intergalactic
escape and a coffee break in the forest, the listener is invited to
embark on a journey on the borders of orchestral jazz.

Tour 2023


Saxophones Olga Amelchenko, Lisa Cat-Berro, Maxime Berton, Jeanne Michard, Julien Dubois Trumpets Gabriel Levasseur, Olivier Gay, Laure Fréjacques, Julie Varlet Trombones Rozann Bézier, Sébastien Iep Arruti, Gabrielle Rachel, Sébastien Llado Flute Christelle Raquillet Guitar Mathilda Haynes Piano Clément Simon Double bass Nolwenn Leizour Drums Gaétan Diaz Lead Thomas Julienne